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Music & sound


Malmö Musikstudio is a fully equipped sound and music studio with a creative atmosphere. We offer audio recording in music as well as audio-books, 3D-soundscapes for VR or 360-videos, foley-recordings for motion picture and a cosy atmosphere for podcastrecordings. Our studio offers acoustically treated environments and recording surfaces, acoustically treated control room and a fully soundproofed booth. Visual contact via 2-glass and 4-glass windows between all surfaces in the studio.

Welcome to Malmö Musikstudio!

In Malmö Musikstudio we have technicians with education and long experience of sound and music production. Aside from musicrecordings we produce audio books for Bonnier Audio and Bonnier Bookery, hold courses in digital mixing/mastering, music productions, podcast recording.

We also have experience of building audiovisual rooms from an educational event in radio theater held by instructor from swedish public service radio Sveriges Radio P1

Recordingspaces in our liveroom is specially designed to produce the best drum sound possible, damping soft walls all around, damping floors and treated ceilings. The drums can be positioned to maintain good visual contact with the control room as well as to the isolated booth when recording live sessions, you can maintain visual contact with all recording surfaces in the studio all the time.

Gear & equipment

Dayner D&R 32 channel mixing console (32 ch floating BUS)

Presonus Quantum 4848

Focusrite Clarett 8preX

Focusrite Clarett Octopre (x2)

Focusrite Clarett 8pre

Softube Console1

Presonus Central station

DBX 1046 quad compressor/limiter

Tama Starclassic Performer Birch/Bubinga drumkit (22", 10", 12", 16")

Tama S.L.P maple snare 14"

Yamaha Steel snare 14"

Tama Iron cobra kick

Tama Iron cobra hi-hat stand

Tama A-class hardware (allround)

Zildjian A-custom hi-hat cymbals 14"

Zildjian A-custom medium ride 20"

Zildjian A-custom crash 18"

Zildjian A-custom crash 16"

Istanbul Mehmet rock ride 20"

Pearl CX300 hi-hat 14"

Meinl headliner range timbales set (incl. cowbell)

LP Aspire congas set

LP Aspire bongos set

Cajon Valter

Div. percussion

Thein upright acoustic piano

Korg SP-250 digital stagepiano

CME UF80 classic

Novation impulse61

Focal Twin 6BE studio monitors (pair)

Genelec 8030B (pair)

Yamaha MSP3 (pair)

OLLO audio headphones (high end)

Presonus hp60

ATH M50 headphones

AKG K240 headphones (2  pcs)

AKG K92 headphones (3  pcs)

AKG K271 mk2 headphones

AKG 245 headphones

VIC FIRT SiH2 headphones (for drummers)

Røde K2 tube

Røde NT1 condenser (4 pcs)

Røde NT5 condenser (2 pcs)

Se 4400a condenser (2 pcs)

ATM31a condenser

Avantone CR-14 ribbon


Shure SM7B

Shure sm58 (5 pcs)

Shure sm57 (2 pcs)

Cloudlifter (2 pcs)

Fender Jaguar

Fender Stratocaster

Fernandes JG-65 sustainer

Epiphone Alleykat

Fender jazzbass sunburst

Fender jazzbass deluxe series red

Fender precisionbass red

Simon & Patrick Woodland mohogany spruce

Simon & Patrick Songsmith Folk

Ukulele Samich Greg Bennet design


Vox AC30 CC2

Vox VR30 reverb

Levin retro tweed 50R reverb

Vintage 1978 HH Electronic V-S Bassamp Head Amplifier

Bass cabinet 4x12"

Korg Toneworks DTR-1 racktuner

Logic (daw)

Sound Particles for 3D-sounds

Studio one (daw)

Cubase (daw)


Easy keys

Easy drummer


Miroslav philharmonik orchestra 2 (complete vst)

Waves plug-ins

SSL plug-ins

Softube plug-ins

IK-multimedia plug-ins

Izotope plug-ins

AIR & Doppler plug-ins (Sound Particles)

Mac mini

MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro

MacBook Air